Brian & Abby ~ Surprise Proposal

Brian contacted me about two weeks ago via email about locations to propose to his girlfriend.  I gave him several suggestions and he finally decided on Cottonwood Lake, then proceeded to ask me to photograph the event.  The only thing, I had to be sneaky about it. This is a first for me and I was just about as nervous as he was!  All day yesterday Brian was sending me texts updating me on how the day was proceeding.  When I got to Cottonwood it was so windy and I was worried he may postpone, but true to his word they showed up and the rest is in the pictures.  One little thing I want to mention; when Brian got on one knee and showed Abby the ring I heard this loud estatic yell from Abby, so sweet!  I had to split the post up because there were too many photos, so this one is the proposal in a slideshow and the next post are the engagement photos.  Congratulations Brian and Abby, I am so excited for the two of you!  Thank you for letting me a part of such an amazing moment!

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